Who we are

Tafmung Connect is a technological company founded on the principles of irrefutable and legitimate access. Tafmung Connect`s main intention is to create technologies that make it easier for Africans to do business with each other, legitimising the right for Africans to authentically trade with each other.

As Africa`s largest marketplace, we connect users with trusted service providers (Pros) via our Tafmung Connect mobile app. Whether you are looking for a plumber, lawyer, builder, electrician, carpenter, tiler, painter or you simply want a Maths tutor for your kid, we connect you with the best service providers in your area so you can compare, find and hire the most experienced professional for the job. Equally so, service providers (Pros) can grow their businesses through connecting with clients via our Tafmung Connect Pro mobile app.

At Tafmung Connect, we believe that success occurs when prosperity is shared among all of society - when people’s needs are served with respect, dignity and a common purpose that promotes and elevates inclusivity, fairness and justice. Consistently, ours is a model that gives agency to our customers, granting them the capacity to act independently and to make their own choices on the kind of service provider they would like to work with.

Our Mission

Through technology and open business platforming, we seek to dismantle geographical barriers by connecting people with the businesses that serve them, and by connecting businesses to each other.

Our Slogan

Legitimising Business Trade in Africa

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